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Boston Review: "Islam on Test"
It is painful to confront exactly how deeply afflicted we have become with anti-Muslim prejudice. Even those muslims that are rare celebrate mirror our pathos. Islamophobia would not begin with President Trump nor is it this is the purview of individuals prepared to spout hateful things about Muslims on TV or regarding the street. It's a phenomenon that is historical within the reputation for colonialism. Today, Islamophobia is a widely supported, entrenched social practice invigorated by the rise for the contemporary national protection state plus the persistence of international wars against Muslim-majority nations.

MuslimGirl web site
An online site that is "normalizing the phrase 'Muslim' for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. MuslimGirl.net premiered through the bedroom of a school that is high that ended up being sick and tired with the deceptive misconceptions surrounding Islam — how a news coverage and media outlets kept skewing the image of Muslims as a nasty one; the mistrust, racism, and flat-out hatred that the inaccuracies flamed; the muting of young Muslim voices from conventional culture; as well as the resulting disillusionment that young Muslims suffer about their religion into the tornado of it all. We at MuslimGirl are taking back the narrative."

The Bridge Initiative
Located in Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed container Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, The Bridge Initiative is really a multi-year research project that links the academic research of Islamophobia because of the square that is public.
al-Andalusi is really a research other for Yaqeen Institute and the founder associated with Andalusian Project, a separate research platform for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds levels both in Western and Islamic Philosophy and is currently pursuing their Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He specializes in topics linked to the philosophy of technology, atheism, terrorism, Islamic governmental thought and ethics, as well as other problems surrounding the global Muslim community.
Creating a unified pair of customs and social habits that is dependant on Islamic teachings and communicating in one single language will become strategies to produce a united community that is muslim.

An irrational fear of Islam and Muslims in recent years there has been a sharp rise in Islamophobia. This fear is heightened by sensationalist reporting of violent, unlawful activities carried out by a small and unrepresentative number of Muslims acting contrary to explicit texts of the Holy Quran and established Islamic principles. It really is further heightened by the very nearly exclusive give attention to these functions while ignoring the vastly more regular acts of political, racist, sectarian and cultural violence committed by other people. It's spread by populist politicians looking for advantage that is electoral the trouble of vulnerable, targeted groups. It flourishes where ignorance, stereotypes and prejudice abound.

In this environment that is toxic so what can we do in order to counter Islamophobia? How do we help Muslims? How can we promote a just and harmonious society where all residents are given respect that is due?
Fact check

Once you hear or read one thing, never take it at face value. You can find way too many news that is"fake and "alternative facts" being disseminated through media and gossip. Simply because one thing is printed or said repeatedly it's not necessarily true. Perform a known fact check.


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